Cube LTD 3 2004 VS. Radon ZR LTD Team 2004

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Anders KjæRsgaa


In my search for a new MTB i have come to the conclusion that my new bike is going to be one of the
following two:

Radon ZR LTD Team 2004:


Cube LTD 3 2004:

Both bikes cost the same: 999 Euros (or aprox. 1250 US $)

I have looked at some specification-differences: The Cube has a Manitou Axel Elite suspension-fork
WHILST the Radon has the Manitou BLACK Elite RTWD (both with Lock-out) The Cube has Deore discs
while the Radon has XT And throughout the bike, the Radon has LX where the Cube has Deore, and XT
where the Cube has LX.

So the Radon has better stuff on it. So it all seems to come down to the frame?!

Which bike would you guys in here choose?

Sincerely Anders
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