Curried Lobster , Crab, & Shrimp Dip

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    Curried Lobster , Crab, & Shrimp Dip

    1 package frozen cooked lobster meat 1 can pasteurized can crab meat 1 package cooked frozen small
    salad shrimp 2 green onions minced or chives may be used 1 tablespoons curry powder or Madras curry
    paste few drops sesame oil 4 tablespoons mayonnaise juice of 1/2 a lemon salt & pepper to taste

    In a mixing bowl sift through by hand the crab meat and check for any shell, coarsely chop the
    lobster meat , and add to the crab , and add the shrimp whole , add the remaining ingredients and
    mix well. serve on toast points or crackers.

    Enjoy and good cooking Todd

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