custom hardtail choices


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Jun 21, 2003
I recently got hit by a car on the way to work and my bike (custom coyote ht3) got a bit smashed up, the back of the bike is pretty much bust up beyond repair.
I also fractured my wrist and elbow and Im in a cast for a minimum of 6 weeks, but the good thing is Im due compensation for my injuries and to replace my bike.
My old bike whilst decent wasnt exactlly setup with the components I really wanted as I made a few comprimises because I bought parts that I got for a good discount (it was setup more as a freeride bike where I really wanted a full on xc racer).
It weighed around 25lb and I want to replace it with a 20-22lb bike.
Im going to spend a good amount of my compensation on a dream xc bike (around £2000) and Im open to suggestions of what to buy, I dont really want an off the shelf bike though, Im looking at a couple of frames to base the bike on but I'd appreciate some other suggestions and also opinions of people who own or have ridden these frames.
Due to where I live I cant test these bikes before I buy and will have to have it built to order then shipped to me.
Ok on to the frames,
1- S-works m5
2- Yeti ARC

The S-Works is what Im leaning towards at the minute due to its great weight and overall look of its anodised silver frame, but the Yeti is also just as light and almost as sexy.
The only bad thing about these frames is the cost (£700 each) but I've been told I'll get a good discount buying a complete custom bike from the dealer Im thinking of using.
Heres a quck rundown of the parts I'll be putting on it incase theres anything I've chosen you can suggest I change.
chris king hs (I have this on my broken bike so I dont have to buy)
fox 80 or 100mm forks (these are v expensive so Im open to other makes as well)
xt group (maybe with the odd xtr part)
hope xc hubs/mavic rims
hope mini mono's
middlburn crank
easton bar/stem
other finishing kit of same quality

Heres what I'll be using the bike for, I dont own a car and I use my bike everyday for general commuting and I just do xc riding at the weekends for fun, I prefer to ride up hills than ride down them and Im not into big jumping or insane downhilling.


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Dec 30, 2003
you can't go wrong with Ti
spend money on the frame; Dean, Independant Fabrications, Airborne, Norco, Dekerf. you can get a decent Ti frame for about $900 CAN. buy the good forks later.


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Dec 12, 2003
The Specialized is a really nice bike.

The Yeti is a turquoise piece of art you can ride.

Yeti- no contest.