Cycle computer must link with strava?

does my device need to connect to strava and be ant+ compatible?

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Jun 13, 2016
If im trying to put a new cycle computer/camera/gps device on the market, would not being accessible to strava be a deal breaker? what about ant+ connectivity?
ANT+ AND Bluetooth are almost a given anymore. ANT+ is required to link to other devices that use it. Are you interested in pairing your new product with other ANT+ devices? If need ANT+ compatibility. The question I would ask is why would you NOT have ANT+ compatibility in any new electronic cycling device?

The same goes for STRAVA. Despite the two dozen or more other performance tracking websites in use by athletes around the globe STRAVA has been, is and will be for the foreseeable future the king of the heap. Why would a product designer NOT include some means to export the data to STRAVA?
It depends on the info you are trying to track. I use a Garmin 200. Basic. After my rides I plug it into my computer and it uploads the info to Garmin Connect, Endomondo and Strava (Don't ask why I use three systems). I only care about distance and speed. Works for me.