Cycle Expo disapointing



I don't know if I expected too much but I was quite disapointed in last weekend's Cycle Expo. I thought that seing that they started advertising it a year ago, it was gonna be the event to wich all other expos will be judges. I started saving every month because I was gonna walk out with tons of cool stuff. Guess what, that money is still in my wallet and I will go to my lbs and give it to them in exchange for some toys. Luckily I bought my bike when I did otherwise I would have had nothing to ride the Cansa with. There were almost now retailers and the two that were there only had the usual stuff like brake pads and water bottles. Sorry, but I my bike is still new and I do not need brake pads yet and I've got a cupboard full of bottles.

Anybody else feel the way I do? How do the people at Ride feel about it?
yes i know what you mean a little disappointing, perhaps the price for a stand was a bit too expensive which stopped most retailers comming to the show. the argus ride expo is still the best but they all have to start some where hopefully next year will be better.

well done to all the hollard insurance world record riders particularly wayne who tore a muscle and continued cycling the other 48 hrs left well done guys.
It's no use simply posting your complaints on a messageboard/forum! Herewith a copy of the e-mail I despatched to both Ride magazine and the event co-ordinators on Mon a.m.

"Dear Chainmail

Having promised my children, 9 & 7 years old respectively, new bicycles for summer, we all eagerly awaited "Africa's Biggest Cycle Show". What better place to get advice, ideas, comparisons etc on children's bicycle requirements?

Seventy Rand to get us all in.....bit steep, but's a special day....we're going to be looking at the latest and greatest!

Well, what can I say...."disappointment" doesn't quite capture my feelings....more like "disgust". I have been cycling myself for ten years, have completed eight Argus tours but have yet to visit such a sorry and poor excuse for a cycle expo. Sure, there were a few items of interest but to even try to compare this expo to the "free" show available to us annually in Cape Town, would be an exercise in futility.

Three children's bikes on display, that is if you don't count the 1975 chopper. How could any right-minded cyclist accept this embarrassment as the biggest cycle show in Africa?

My wife, a non-cyclist, summed up the whole waste of time and money quite succinctly -

"They needed suckers like us to help pay for renting the dome for the world record attempt."
"Anyone using this expo as an opportunity to investigate getting into cycling might actually be put off."

So having failed dismally in our primary objective, I am now left wondering how long South African cyclists will continue to accept being ripped blind by poorly run cycling events and even worse run so called cycling shows.

I realise that perhaps writing this letter is itself futile, as it will, in all likelihood, not be published by the expo's main sponsor. So onto my list of events "NOT to support in 2003" goes another large tick."

Send your complaints in, guys!!!

WOW! I thought I was p'd off. I will send the gents @ Ride my view aswell.

It sucked Balls...

My opinion of Ride changed from excelent to **** last year, and this was supposed to, for me, be the pendulum of return for me...

Sorry Ride, you've lost a supporter, and a customer!

For those that know me, this is not slander.
Walked into the 'dome', got the number for Lost City and stood on the upper level checking the "expo" out. Figured that R25 entry fee is about the same as a dozen beers. I enjoyed the beers.
Yah, well, what could I say?? The only interesting stuff was the age old bicycles dated back to the 1800's. And the prices of the beverages!!!! I was just not prepared to pay R8.00 for a 500ml bottle of cooldrink. Pathetic!!
so everyone thought it was **** huh? do they have a website? someone should email them these comments hehe :eek:
The major sponsor does have a website, but that's even worse.
[quote author=Roadster link=board=6;threadid=325;start=0#3695 date=1030493898]<br />The major sponsor does have a website, but that's even worse.<br />[/quote]<br /><br /> isnt to bad, a nice big link to this forum would make it better IMO ;)<br /><br />I guess they don't want their site to be full of content because it would stop people buying their mag wouldn't it?<br /><br />cheers!
I could answer that, but I would be in DEEP ****...<br /><br />Let's just say the current state of that site is a result of them meddling with me...