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Jan 6, 2011
I just made a little movie, it's not much.

When it is processed and uploaded to YouTube, I'll put another notice here.

Can you make a little bike tour video of your home town?

It does not have to be fancy for sharing the views.
Well, here's my Sunday morning bike serenade,

annotations, notes,
all the shots are in sequence, as witnessed, in less than twenty minutes time.

-the opening shot is a recreation of a famed acrylic painting portrayal of the same scene.
I did not try to closely duplicate the early eighties image, but, I think it is probably pretty close.
With video, the blinking yellow lights mean something, whereas in the iconic painting, they are not evident

-The Kampong is the estate home of David Fairchild, our greatest American horticulturist.
Many of our present, old, exotic trees were planted by David Fairchild, himself.
David Fairchild died on yesterday's date, August 6th, in the year of my birth, 1954.

-I must meet Grove Properties, the cutest real estate cupcake on earth,

-there is the Rectory of Carollton School, where my friend, the late Roger Radloff lived.

-just inside, meet the angry property guard,
"no pictures! not allowed, no pictures!", una cabra vieja de Cuba

-bicyclists run both ways on Main Highway at Sunday dawn.

-a large group heads to Key Biscayne, and we close at Highgear Cycling,
the cycling shop that saves my bike over and again.

camera sound and silent stills
This is fresh! old! new! style! cruise! bambinas!
Made Right Here In Miami, on The Trail, Calle Ocho,

Mind your bike, that it don't ride off by itself during the show?