Cycle hire scheme app launched


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Jul 24, 2010
Anyone in London know anything about this?

The Press Association: Cycle hire scheme app launched

The Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme has only just launched in London but there is already an app to help you locate the nearest bike park.
The Cycle Hire Widget for Android phones directs users to the nearest cycle bay and - using crowdsourcing, which relies on user feedback - reveals the availability of bikes at specific bays.

London Mayor Boris Johnson officially launched the scheme on Friday morning and with more than 9,000 people already signed up demand is expected to be high at the most popular hire bays.
With simple colour-coded direction arrows, the app shows the three closest cycle hire locations and will display one of four messages - either 'all OK'; 'not enough bikes'; 'not enough spaces'; or 'closed'.
Using Google Maps it can also display the nearest 20 cycle hire bays, making it easier to plan longer journeys.

Kenton Price, director of the app's creators Little Fluffy Toys Ltd said: "Cycle Hire Widget is a powerful, free application that uses the goodwill of the cycling community to share with others the availability of cycles at the hire locations, bridging one of the gaps at the scheme's launch."

To begin with the London Cycle Scheme will be available to those who sign up for membership.

The first 30 minutes of any journey will be free, and the next 30 minutes will cost £1, with rising costs for journeys of more than one hour. It is expected to generate up to 40,000 extra cycle trips a day in central London.

Cycle Hire Widget is available now for free on the Android Market.