Cycle ride: Glasgow - Lochwinnoch - Glengarnock/Ayr, Sun 13 April

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    DATE: Sun 13 April 2003 RIDE: Go Bike Ride: Glasgow - Lochwinnoch - Glengarnock/Ayr (via the
    newly-upgraded National Cycle Route 7) DISTANCE: 45 miles to Ayr (22 miles to Glengarnock).

    ROUTE: via Paisley Road West to Paisley (to save time) then NCR 7 where the rail-trail has
    been newly upgraded and tarmacced between Elderslie and Glengarnock, making for faster and
    easier cycling!

    PLACES OF INTEREST: Lochwinnoch, Troon beach, sculpture trail.

    START: Bell's Bridge, Scottish Exhibition Centre, Finnieston, Glasgow. START TIME: 10:15
    (quarter-past ten, to give me time to get out of bed!)

    SPEED: moderate/faster. TERRAIN: largely flat, two short but moderately steep hills between
    Glengarnock and Kilwinning.

    ABILITY: You must be comfortable cycling in a group on road for Paisley Road West (shouldn't be
    /too/ busy on a Sunday), or make your own way to Paisley Canal Station (ETA: 11:15, phone to check).
    This is a slightly longer ride and may not be suitable for near-beginners or those not used to
    cycling longer distances (although there are frequent stations where you can turn back).

    RETURN to Glasgow: by train. Depending on the time taken and the will of the group, we can return by
    train from Glengarnock (after the end of the rail-trail), Kilwinning, or Irvine/Ayr (where the NCR7
    follows a nice coastal semi-forested route through the umm, 'machar' (I guess: any geographers want
    to correct me?)), or with stations nearby you can leave at almost any town.

    Further information/where-are-you-nows from: 07932 460093 (T-Mobile)

    See also:

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