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I used to have a soft spot for CL considering that I started spinning with them and through that got introduced to the road.Currently, I still support them albeit not blindly like I used to. I now know that I should never walk into the store to buy things without checking out prices in some other place. If CL is equal to or cheaper than those places then I will go with CL. I opted to align myself more with club 100 when the club split came up merely because I felt the other option made me a trade statistic.
That notwithstanding, I must concede that the success of CL has come from the hard work that the owners have put into their business and the sport over the years. I find their staff to be very knowledgeable, though the premium I have to pay for that knowledge I cannot justify.
There is a lot of ambition behind the organisation and that is good. However there seems to be a dominance that could lead to monpolistic tendencies and everyone who understands market forces knows that is bad ...very bad.

My bit
The poor experiences:

My fiance was a HUGE supporter until they changed their fee schedule (she used the training studio and spin classes). The new fee schedule was too expensive so she left.

A friend used to work in the bike shop - he was treated poorly and left.

I have never shopped at cyclelab - too expensive.

The good experiences:

Cyclelab have pioneered online entry - what a winner! 2 minutes on the computer and you're entered - no rushing round at the start line with pen and paper. I'm happy to pay a few Rand more for a professional entry system that stores all my details.

Cyclelab didn't quite pioneer Tour de France screening on TV but played a large part in it - excellent!

The national seeding system is brilliant - granted it has minor faults but it's something good that we never had before.

Cyclelab has a TV show featuring cycling - Andrew aligned himself with the right people and raised the awareness of cycling in SA.

All in all I reckon he's done far more good than bad to cycling in SA. As for the dictatorship - anyone is still free to enter races through the organisers - it just means going to OLD route of posting cheques and faxing entry forms.....
Of the total CL package, I take what I like and discard the rest. That's how I conduct most of my business and my life.
CL\Supersport brought us 5 hrs of TdF coverage a day, and we had 1 rider competing. Countries like Aus had 4 riders competing, 3 stage wins and the Green jersey. They got ½ an hour worth of highlights a day. And remember, cycling ain't really a "representative" sport in this country.
I agree, CL bike prices are abit steep. But I think they back those prices up with a lifetime service warranty. Consumables are cheaper elsewhere, I'm sure.
Online entries? Miracle of our age!
The CL support vehicle @ races. Good show! I'll use it if I need it and they can help.
I go along with Eldron. They do more good than bad. Business is business. I like it - I use it. I don't like it - I leave it.
I must agree with Eldron here.
Cyclelab is expensive, but I think Andrew McLean has done more good for cycling than bad.

On the outside, Cyclelab looks like an impressive and professional organisation and their stock is also impressive. I support a different organisation because of the personalised service I get from the guys and because their prices are the best I can find. (I even pop in just to chat from time to time and get to do training rides with them.)

I do not begrudge Cyclelab's position in the market, they have worked hard to earn that position. I has certainly not in my knowledge been handed to them on a platter. I think the rest of the industry must raise it's game. Cyclelab have got big, perhaps too big and this is where the competition must capitalise. You're best clients are the one's who return again and again and again.

People soon see through all that make-up. If they follow too blindly, then let them get shafted by high prices and poor service.
I support CL for one reason only, they know what they are doing and have the equipment to back them up. I've yet to come across a bike shop with the expertese and equipment. (admitidly I havnt visited many).

There are always 2 shope I recomend when people ask me for a bike, one is Westdene Cycles as they have a very large selection, the other is Cycle lab for professional advise.

Their prices arnt THAT bad but they tend to stock the pricier models etc.
You might want to take a look again ppl noting the references to me, adn the updates...


tough question...What club do you join when cyclelab and club100 are your 2 options? A given is that cyclelab's start for their morning ride will soon (when they move to the Extreme 16 premisis) be closer (about 2-3km) for me. Currently, my first choice is club100. - from communicating with their contact person and looking at the web site they seem to be quite jacked.