Cycleops PowerTap G3C Hub (Ceramic) and Wheelset

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    Cycleops PowerTap G3C Hub (Ceramic Bearings) and Wheelset Rear Wheel: Williams WS30x Alloy Clincher (32 spoke) with Cycleops PowerTap G3C Hub
    Front Wheel: Williams WS30x Allow Clincher (28 spoke)
    Not Included: Cassette, Skewers, Tires/Tubes
    This was a Christmas present, but I have chosen to go with a different power option, therefore I no longer need this virtually new Powertap/Wheelset. Ridden 3 times on trainer and once on group ride.
    Power: Cycleops PowerTap G3C Hub
    Cycleops Retail: $1800

    Introducing the new PowerTap G3C: the lightest power meter in the world.

    Pro-level power management taken to a new level: Since our introduction of the world’s first-ever wireless power meter in 2006, we’ve been continually striving to improve it. The new PowerTap G3C and G3 hubs raise the bar to another level altogether: lighter, stiffer, ANT+ compatible, and better than ever.

    The G3C also uses super high quality, ceramic bearings to ensure you'll be rolling along with the least amount of resistance and at the lightest weight.

    At CycleOps, we realize that data can be the difference between first and second, and PowerTap is the precise instrument that gives you access to real-time performance measurement, accurate to within +/- 1.5%. CycleOps hubs are the perfect tool to improve power and performance to ensure you have your best season ever.

    Go to Cycleops dot com and search for G3C PowerTap Hub


    Wheelset: Williams Wheel System 30X
    Williams Cycling Retail: $569

    Bulletproof performance.

    The 30x wheels are designed for the powerhouses of the peloton. We took our most popular wheelset and beefed it up with higher spoke counts for added durability, and the results are impressive. With the 30x wheels you get all the performance of the 30s in a wheelset that can withstand the Belgian cobbles or rutted, mud-caked cyclocross courses. The wheels feature the same semi-aero niobium alloy rim, the same Six-Sixty hubs with hybrid ceramic bearings and the same Sapim CX-Ray spokes, just more of them. The 30x wheels now comes as an indestructible 28/32 lacing for riders up to 240 lbs.

    At a scant 1609g for the 28/32 the 30x wheelset is astoundingly light despite its bombproof build. When you demand high performance and rock solid dependability under the harshest conditions demand the 30x.

    Go to Williams Cycling Dot Com and search for Wheel System 30X

    Difference between G3C and G3...
    G3C Bearing are Ceramic by Ceramic Speed, weight 315 grams
    Retail Price: $1800
    G3 Bearings are Steel, weight 325 grams
    Retail Price: $1300 ---------
    You can text me at 972-three three three-8543
    I live north of Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex approx. 15-20 miles.