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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Jon Marshall, Apr 27, 2003.

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  1. Jon Marshall

    Jon Marshall Guest

    having received some excellent advice from this group already ( knee problems etc. ) thought i'd try
    again with another problem.

    Just bought a new mtb ( specialized hardrock rigid 19" ) which is a joy to ride after my old 100
    quid mtb. the bike seems to be a good fit ( i'm 6'0 and the lbs recommened a 19" frame ) but i've
    been getting a lot of lower back ache after each ride. i've got the saddle and handle bars at
    roughly the same height and the saddle is at the right height ( if i lower it anymore i'm going to
    get my recurring knee problems), so i have a failry upright riding position . Most of my cycling is
    on lanes, bridleways etc. but not real rough off-road stuff. Having perused the archives of this
    newsgroup the only other cause i could think of was perhaps being too stretched out on the bike (
    the bike certainly feels "bigger" than the old 21" mtb i had ) but i don't feel stretched out . If i
    put my elbow level with the saddle then my middle finger is about an inch or so from the handlebars.

    I guess my question is, have i missed anything that could be causing this problem. i've not been
    cycling long but am getting so much enjoyment from it ( apart from the aches of course ) that i
    would be loathe to give it up.

    any thoughts/suggestion would be much appreciated


  2. Jon Marshall wrote:
    > any thoughts/suggestion would be much appreciated

    What type of cycling you do? You mention mountain bike, but is it off-road? Also how long do you
    cycle before you get back ache? Are you in a fixed position in terms of back angle the whole time?

    I find that I get a little back ache but I try and change position a little (inherent with hand
    position on the hand bar). I also wonder if back ache is related to not having the handle bars high
    enough, as it is obviously stretching.

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  3. Just Zis Guy

    Just Zis Guy Guest

    On Sun, 27 Apr 2003 21:05:24 +0100, "Jon Marshall" <[email protected]> wrote:

    >any thoughts/suggestion would be much appreciated

    Have a look at the tool at - I have found their system to be pretty
    accurate (and free!).

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