Cycling across Australia - 4,500kms - Scarborough (WA) to Scarborough (Qld)


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Mar 13, 2011
Scarborough (WA) to Scarborough (Qld)​
Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean​
4,500 kms​
Whatever way you say it – it is a bloody long way on a bike!!​
to Raise Money for the Heart Foundation​

[SIZE= 20px]2[/SIZE] weeks today, I will be at Scarborough beach in Perth ready to start my bike ride from Scarborough (WA) back home to Scarborough (Qld).

Departure time is schedule for 10:00 a.m.

I am really keen to get going now - it seems to have been so long in the planning, and now it is almost to find out if I have trained and prepared well enough!

I have set up a facebook page, it would be great if you could visit it and "Like" the page. I will put regular updates on it!! -

There is also a whole lot of information about the route I wil take on my website - feel free to check it out!! -

Cheers - Slacko
good luck mate!

I did that drive many times in a car and that was bad enough !

Gonna sign into facebook now and like your page
Hi Everyone

My big adventure, cycling across Australia raising funds for the Heart Foundation has been completed!!

I now look at a map of Australia a whole lot differently!!

It was the fulfillment of a dream, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have updated my website to reflect what actually happened, as I did have to make some alterations here and there for various reasons!!

Feel free to have a read -

My fund-raising pages will remain open for another couple of months so that people can show their support by making a donation to the Heart Foundation.

After 7 weeks of solid cycling, I am now trying to get my running legs back!!!

Cheers - Slacko