Cycling across russia - be a part of the journey?

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    Dec 17, 2016
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    Hey Cycling Forums Cyclist-

    Hey its Matt Carnal, remember me? The guy that rode across the United States a few times to win a few of the Strava Challenges, with the most recent crossing in 2014 on a FIXED GEAR! (You know the American vs. Australian battle between Banana Boy) Well I'm going to do it again and need your help, only this time I'm headed to Russia for the RedBull TransSiberia Extreme. I put my name in the hat and got chosen which I believe was from my rides over the last 6 years of "Epic Quality". Wahoooo! :)

    I need to raise some money to make it over to Russia next July so if you can spare a buck, or two, or more I would greatly appreciate it! I've attached the link to the account so please donate when you can and add a few kudos as I'm going to need all the help I possibly can on this journey.

    Thanks in advance and hope to see everyone out on the bike soon!

    Happy Holidays!

    Matt Carnal

    PS - I'll be looking for sponsors so if you know of anyone willing to help me on this journey please have them reach out to me on