Cycling After A Leg Injury

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    Nov 17, 2015
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    Hi to everyone,

    I used to cycle with my dad, and alone, before I broke my leg. I was not a professional cyclist, but rather I rode my bike mostly for health issues and because I loved it. Dad has been riding like forever, still is. We used to ride up the mountains, and had some great fun together - also riding through forests.

    I miss all that, especially when like two years ago I broke my leg in half..only the skin and muscles held two parts together. I broke both my tibia and fibula on my right leg... :(

    After two yeas of barely being immobile, spending time in bed or on the cruthes, plus once in a year (twice in two years) going to a rehab for 40 days, I am back on my feet. I have been walking on my own for almost two months now, but I am still pretty much afraid to get back on my bike.

    Yesterday I set myself on a home training bike, for the first time in two years, and I had no trouble with peddling, just I felt kind of weak, and got tired easily..

    What do you think? Do I need to train some more (and for how long) on my house bike (or whatever it is called) :) first, before I set myself on the riding adventures, again?
    Can you suggest anything else to make my leg stronger..?

    I would appreciate any piece of advise :)

    Thank you guys in advance :)

    Maja ♥