Cycling And Men's Sexual Health Survey - We Would Appreciate Your Participation


Oct 12, 2015
Rochester, MN
We have been granted permission by the moderation team to post this message from our Study's Principal Investigator and a link to the survey here. We have posted this message in the Road Cycling sub-forum, but are posting here as well to hopefully gain more participants.

Cycling Forums Members,

The Department of Urology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is conducting a study on the possible link between cycling, erectile dysfunction, and other men's health issues. Currently there are very few studies which have examined this topic in a rigorous scientific fashion. To advance the knowledge on the subject, we are asking male cyclists who are at least 18 years of age to complete a short survey (approximately 10 minutes) containing questions about themselves, their experience with cycling, their overall health, and their sexual health.

Our intent is to use this information to better understand if there is a link between cycling, erectile dysfunction, and other men's health issues. Health care providers as well as other men and their family members may benefit from this information and knowledge.

This survey is completely anonymous and confidential and conducted through an independent third-party. There is no way to connect your name with your responses. We do not track email or IP addresses. Participation in this research study is voluntary, and you may refuse or quit at any time. There are no known risks to you from taking part in this research study.

By clicking the survey link below you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and consent to participate in this study.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Landon Trost, MD
Study Principal Investigator

Link to Survey:
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