Cycling can be rough when............

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    Cycling can be rough when your balls keep swinging around smacking you in the back of the head. Eventually, they will turn red! :D

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    So you have a balls head?

    Cycling can get rough when the seat breaks! Yup, that happened to me this weekend. I went to do some bike camping this weekend at a lake about 40 miles from where I live, just as I pulled into my assigned tent site, the seat came off the rails! I tried to put it on but it was too tough, which I thought was odd because it came off relatively easily. I took off some plastic covers thinking I could get it on the rail that way but all those covers did was cover the staples used for the seat top cover. So I called my wife, only the second time I ever had to call her in the 38 years we've been married, the first time I had a very bad bout of diarrhea which left me too weak to ride the 12 miles back home. I usually can fix my stuff, I even spent about an hour at the campground trying to fix the saddle before I realized I wasn't going to be able to, and riding 40 miles setting on steel rails just didn't sound appealing.

    So now I have to find another seat, I want to try the Selle Anatomica X2 saddle; I had a B17 but it got badly scuffed up in the accident on my old touring bike that bent the fork. So maybe I'll try the Selle X2 and see what happens.
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