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Car 'veers into' 40 cyclists on training ride February 03 2002 at 09:10PM........ Sixteen cyclists were injured on Saturday when a car allegedly swerved into them on Marine Drive opposite Milnerton Golf Course. Police spokesperson Wicus Holtzhausen said the driver later handed himself over to the Milnerton police. A group of 80 cyclists from the City Cycle Lab Club were on their regular Saturday morning club ride. They split into groups on the ride. Club rider Gary Marescia said the lead pack of 40 cyclists were travelling at about 30km/h two abreast of each other within the yellow line. He said a yellow-and-white Citi Golf moved halfway past them and then veered into them. "It was the most horrific thing I've ever experienced. "I just heard a loud noise as the car hit the rider behind me. Before I had time to look around I felt the car's fender hit my rear wheel and frame," Marescia said. "It hit my right leg and I was flung to my left into another rider and then tumbled to the ground. "While going down I saw the vehicle strike the rider in front of me, whose rear wheel shattered on impact. The rider was catapulted about three metres into the air. "At that point I thought that's two dead - how many more are going to die? "After taking out four of us the first time, the driver went back into his lane and then veered into us again. "Looking up, I saw a rider hanging onto the bonnet to prevent himself from going under the car and one rider rolling in front of it. "The car stopped. The driver briefly looked behind him and sped off, leaving behind his front numberplate, which fell off during the chaos. "It looked like a war zone. Bruised bodies and mangled bikes were lying left, right and centre." One of those injured was Julius Oosthuizen. When the Cape Times visited him at his Bellville home on Sunday, he was only hours from tying the knot with his fiancee, Zoja Noveljic. He said he was amazed that he had escaped with only a dislocated ring finger and bruises, and "it's a miracle nobody was killed". Marescia said they were told their second group of 20 riders, about two kilometres behind them, had encountered the same car earlier. "He moved toward them but luckily they were protected by a back-up vehicle. Its driver hooted and flashed lights at the driver of the Golf, which scared him off," Marescia said. He estimated the damage at close to R200 000 as 12 bikes needed repairs and five had to be written off. Injuries included a broken wrist and ribs, slight concussions and bruising. One of the injured was an American, Phil Brown, who had come to Cape Town for 10 days of cycling. Marescia said the incident would not harm Cape Town's reputation as an international cycling destination. Investigating officer Lewis Weston said a 25-year-old Bloubergstrand man handed himself over to police on Saturday afternoon. He is to appear in the Cape Town magistrate's court on Monday on charges of reckless or negligent driving.
Hurt cyclist's dad clashes with police

February 04 2002 at 09:40AM

A row has erupted between the police and the father of a cyclist injured in Milnerton on Saturday.

Sixteen cyclists were injured in Marine Drive when a motorist in a yellow and white Citi Golf allegedly veered into them. The cyclists, riding in two groups, are members of the City Cycle Lab Club in Sea Point.

The motorist handed himself over to the Milnerton police on Saturday and was released on R1 000 bail on Sunday.

He was expected to appear in the Cape Town magistrate's court on Monday.

Holtzhausen had intimidated him
Dozens of cyclists were expected to attend the court appearance in a bid to convince the court that the man be charged with attempted murder, rather than reckless driving.

Keith Woodbine of Diep River, whose son, Gareth, sustained back injuries, claimed that East Metropole police spokesperson Wicus Holtzhausen had declined to give him information about the driver and his address.

Woodbine further claimed that Holtzhausen had intimidated him.

Woodbine and others will ask the senior court prosecutor for information from the case docket.
Woodbine said he was reporting the matter to national police commissioner Jackie Selebi, the Independent Complaints Directorate, the ministry of safety and security and the East Metropole police commissioner Arno Lamoer.

But Holtzhausen denied the claims. He said there had to be sufficient evidence for an attempted murder case docket to be opened. He said he had explained the procedures to Woodbine.

The incident took place while a group of 80 cyclists from the City Cycle Lab Club were on their regular Saturday morning club ride and had split into two groups. The lead pack of 40 cyclists were riding in pairs within the yellow line at about 30km/h, when a yellow and white Citi Golf moved halfway past them and then allegedly veered into the cyclists and drove off.
And his name is : :-[ :-[ Mark Keyser :-[ :-[

80 cyclists may sue 'reckless' driver

February 04 2002 at 09:40PM
By Fatima Schroeder

A group of about 80 City Cycle Lab cyclists are considering civil action against a man who allegedly veered his vehicle into them in Milnerton over the weekend.

According to club rider Gary Marescia, the club committee is expected to hold a meeting this week to discuss instituting civil action.

He estimated that it would cost about R35 000 to replace one bicycle. 'A more serious charge' "That's apart from the medical expenses," he added.

Marescia said more injuries were starting to show up.

Mark Keyser is currently facing a criminal charge of reckless driving in connection with the incident. He appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Denys Pedro told the court several witnesses had come forward with new evidence.

"So there is a possibility the state would prosecute on a more serious charge," he said.

Keyser handed himself over to police on Saturday after a group of about 80 City Cycle Lab cyclists, who had been on their regular Saturday morning ride, alleged he deliberately veered his vehicle into them on Marine Drive, near the Milnerton Golf Course.

He was granted bail of R1 000. He was not asked to plead.

The case was postponed until February 27.

Sixteen cyclists were injured, some with concussion, dislocated fingers, broken wrists, broken ribs and severe abrasions.

you would think a person would goto jail after doing something like that!

injure 16 people with a gun and you going away for a long time, injure the same 16 people with a car and you'll walk ::)
Motorist in court for cyclist hit-and-run smash<br /> <br />Cape Town <br /> <br />11 October 2002 11:03 <br /> <br />An all-night reveller fell asleep behind the steering wheel of his car, and careered into two groups of cyclists who were on a training ride in February, the Cape Town Regional Court heard on Thursday.<br /><br />Mark Keyser (25) allegedly sent the cyclists sprawling domino-style when he crashed into them around 7.30am on February 4. Avron Siron landed on the bonnet of the car while Ivor Stern lay flat on the road as the car stopped momentarily, allowing him to scramble out of the way, before it sped away, the court heard.<br /><br />The car's front number plate was dislodged in the incident and was later found in the road.<br /><br />Keyser has pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of attempted murder and a further five relating to his failure to stop. Keyser's attorney Daryl Goldblatt told the court that his client had spent the entire night revelling at a rave night club, and the incident happened when he fell asleep while driving home.<br /><br />Realising what had happened, Keyser had &quot;raced home in panic&quot;, Goldblatt stated. Siron who suffered two broken ribs, told the court he was third from the front when he heard a huge noise behind him. &quot;I turned to look, and saw all the cycles being hit. I landed on the bonnet of the car for about 10 seconds, before falling off on the right side of the bonnet.<br /><br />&quot;My partner on my left was also hit, and landed on the tar and rolled. The car slowed down after hitting me, but when I looked up it had disappeared.&quot;<br /><br />Ryan Jossel told the court he was sent sprawling when the left side-view mirror of the car hit his right elbow. He fell against his partner on his left while another cyclist landed on top of him. Jossel said he saw the sprawled cyclist (Stern) scramble out of the way of the car. <br /><br />&quot;If he had not got out of the way, the car would have gone over him.&quot;<br /><br />He said he was taken away on a stretcher, but only suffered minor injuries. Stern said he too heard the &quot;huge crash&quot; behind him but, before he could look back, he was thrown into the road in front of the car.<br /><br />&quot;The driver stopped and in two seconds I managed to get out of his way, and he raced off.&quot;<br /><br />He added, &quot;I am still cycling, but let me tell you I'm very cautious now -- a little nervous, perhaps.&quot;<br /><br />Magistrate Piet Nel presided. The trial continues on Friday. - Sapa