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Good post. I've been thinking about this myself. Around here there only seems to be one massive club or one very competitive team ?I'm not fast enough for. What would you want the club for? Training partners? Racing? Socialising? Sportives?
I want it to be a socializing & touring club, I am not into racing or things like that.
Weekend rides and rides during the week.

Regards Iain
In that case you could probably keep it fairly informal and to begin with just put up notices in local bike shops or on Gumtree etc. Once you've got a group together it might be an idea to put something together as a club constitution so that everyone is clear on why it exists and what to expect/ is expected from them. I helped do something similar at university for a group of like minded folk that wanted to take part in expeditions. A bit more than hill walking but a lot less than going to the North Pole. We just got together in the back room of a pub once a week and shared ideas until we had the basis of a club and then started putting together events. There was no real hierarchy other than what the university instisted upon (president, secretary etc,) and those were really just nominal. Everyone had an equal say. It worked pretty well.
wish i had a fe people to ride with, i been riding byself.not bad i can work at my own pace, but would be nice to ride with some more advance riders or a small group
wish i had a fe people to ride with, i been riding byself.not bad i can work at my own pace, but would be nice to ride with some more advance riders or a small group
Having just started to get on regular group rides, it's a whole different experience - sometimes a little more frustrating and at times harrowing, but a more fun even if you're getting dropped.
iainj837 said:
Does any have any ideas on starting a cycling club ?
25 years ago I started riding a bike for the second time but found it boring on my own. Eventually found a few guys that were in the same situation so we started a cycling club. We did tend towards racing and eventually we were able to race in graded categories. We then found that some of the grades were a bit short of riders so to be able to involve everyone we started handicap racing one a handicapper was appointed and able to work out each riders ability then everyone was in the same race the slower ones having maybe 30 mins start on the strong ones with others spread out in between. The club is functioning very well today with about 35 members with ages ranging from 14 to 70, I being the 70. Yes I am the slowest rider now in the club but hey I do manage an odd win when I put in a little more effort than the handicapper envisaged. Our club page is have a look if your interested.

I want to do more cycling and it be great if there is a cycling club for amateurs who like to cycle and want to do as part of social meet up. I cycle regularly to work and back almost everyday and would like to supplement this with some socializing on a weekend. So if anyone knows of a club or has any info that be great.
I have just got myself a road bike and am commuting to work each morning. I am looking to join a cycling club early next year but don't know what level I need to get to to keep up!
I think central MO has a huge triathlete club of which several join just for the biking aspects. Has several hundred amateur and pro level members of all ages from what I here. My roommate is in the club and she really likes it.

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