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    >Connecting Cycling: Integrating Cycling with Travel Behaviour Change Programs, will be held in
    >Canberra, on Thursday 20th and. Friday 21st November 2003.
    >ORGANISER The conference is being organised by the Bicycle Federation of Australia (BFA) and
    >supported by the Cycling Promotion Fund and the International Association of Public
    >Transport (UITP).
    >FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Please contact Barry Neame Conference Manager Consec – Conference
    >Management and Secretariat Services PO Box 3127, BMDC ACT 2617 Tel: 02 6251 0675 Fax: 02 6251 0672
    >Email: [email protected] Web:
    >The theme of the conference is travel behaviour change programs and topics will include:
    >* Different forms of travel behaviour change programs, including Travel Demand Management,
    > Mobility Management and TravelSmart
    >* The context of behaviour change programs
    >* Best practice in travel behaviour change programs
    >* Choosing the setting for a behavioural intervention
    >* Incorporating travel behaviour change into your bike plan
    >* Funding options for programs
    >* Partnership opportunities with the bicycle industry
    >* Working with public transport providers
    >* To expose policy makers, practitioners, cycling groups and enthusiasts to current thinking and
    > best practice in travel behaviour change
    >* To provide information & resources on how to develop cost/effective programs to increase
    > cycling and public transport usage
    >* To facilitate interaction between delegates
    >* You will take away from this conference strategies for getting effective projects and programs
    > designed, funded, implemented and evaluated
    >* You will make contact with people who have runs on the board and will share their successes and
    > failures and the reasons for them
    >* You can make people aware of your capabilities in crucial areas such as transport planning
    > incorporating cycling, facility design, travel demand management, promotion of active
    > transport, and integrating transport modes
    >* Federal and state politicians
    >* Local government councillors
    >* Policy makers
    >* Officials from Federal, State & Local Government
    >* Transport, land use & traffic planners and consultants
    >* Public transport operators
    >* Other practitioners
    >* Representatives of cycling groups
    >TRADE SHOW & SPONSORSHIP A trade show will be held in conjunction with the conference and
    >sponsorship packages are available.
    >Tuesday 18th November Meeting of the Australian Bicycle Council
    >Wednesday 19th November Training session for ??Cycling Facility Design
    >Saturday 22nd November Half-day workshop on Promoting Cycling to Government
    >Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd November Tours of Canberra's cycling & public transport facilities
    >CANBERRA FESTIVAL OF CYCLING This will be held from October 8th to November 23rd in and around
    >Canberra, with over 40 cycling-related events organised by Pedal Power ACT and other local cycling
    >groups. The conference will be one of the highlights of the Festival.

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