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Sep 10, 2003
Does anyone use a diary to keep track of your riding mileage, average speed, times etc.?
I've created a spreadsheet to keep a log but the database functions are limited and would prefer a diary that would be able to tally info by dates, weeks, months etc. Any recommendations?
Thanks alot!!! I just got a bike computer and have been looking all day for somthing like this.
tomgaul said:
I'm a huge nerd so . . . since I use Excel so much at work - I just load all the data on there because I can do all the analysis I want on it quickly.
I have an Excel spreadsheet I created myself. It contains HRs, distances, time, etc. I have it since day 1 I started to ride.
I've been using CycleStats from now for about a year. I find that the graphs are a nice way to motivate myself and to create goals. Also by looking over the stats from time to time I can be more disiplined in the types of rides I'm doing. (Interval, HR, Hills, spinning, etc)
Does anyone know if the crosstrak program is still available? I've tried the link several times now and it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks
I use polar's Precision Performance software that comes with thier HRMs. There is room to write notes about each day and there is plenty of information such as temperature, time of ride, distance, etc. If your HRM supports the cyclecomputer functions it does all this automatically. There is also daily notes which I use to plan out my workouts and races in the calander view. If you have a Polar it's a good free way to get a program to do all this.

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