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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Highzenberg, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,,,
    I have been on the road bike for about a year now. Done a few centuries. I really want to venture out and go farther. I would like to go from GA to NY which is about 300 miles, but am worried about saddle sores. If I ride 100 miles in a day I have blisters. I really can't imagine doing that 10-15 days in a row. Are there any "pads" or anything else that you can stick to your bottom that absolutely stop any chafing? A simple google search didn't turn up anything of importance. '
    Thanks for any help.

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    There are gel padded undergarments as well as shorts. But in general blisters occur because your riding position is incorrect and you end up sitting in one position for a very long time with the bumping filing away at your skin. Maybe your seat is too low or too high and more probably the saddle doesn't fit you properly. It should be wide enough in the back to just fit your "sit bones" and no wider. And it should be narrow enough in the front to not rub against the inside of your thighs. I have found Prologo Scratch saddles to work well but everyone has a different shape and it took me a lot of different saddles to find one that works well.

    Also you have to develop a riding style which gives you the ability to stand now and again to take the pressure off and relieve the soreness. Centuries are hard enough. A double century without exceptional soreness is possible.
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    I've done many 24 hour ultra cycling events in the past and have never had an issue with saddle sores. Being that everyone is different and not all things work for everyone, here are a few things to consider. For me less padding in the shorts is better, and a narrow saddle nose is very important. I did these longer events using my TT bike and spent most of my time in the aero position. That meant I was on just the nose of the saddle most times, and when I did have a climb I prefer to climb out of the saddle.
    I know guys that besides having thicker padded shorts also used Chamois Crème, also called Chamois Butt'r to help with the friction. Some guys would change shorts several times during the events.
    When I was first fine tuning my bike and myself for the ultra cycling events I had an 8 mile loop with all righthand turns so I didn't have to stop. I would do that loop on back to back days for 6 hours each time trying out different things from, different glove paddling, cycling shoes, laced or velcro strap, lighting, and so on.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your possible adventure.
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    I’ve only had chafing issues 2-3 times total, and that only when, for one reason or another I’ve ended up using unsuitable clothing for that length of ride.
    Once touring, and first time I did 200 miles I did get two sore spots right at the contact points on the sit bones. Never broke the skin though.
    On the tour I tried using Compeed patches. Felt good the 1st day.
    But was painful the next.
    After having been stretched from the ride position, the patches had wrinkled up during the night as the skin relaxed.
    Imagine riding naked on a saddle surfaced like a raisin.
    And since Compeed patches are meant to be left in place until they’re ready to come off, peeling them off from an active injury is quite unpleasant and aggravates the injury.

    IMO, if you’re getting blisters, you’re doing something wrong.
    Is your saddle height OK?