Cycling from Sydney to Perth

Paul Flewitt

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Jul 13, 2011
In the middle of a mid-life crisis thing and am going to cycle from Sydney to Perth where I once lived and wondered if anyone has any advice or knows of a gang doing the same nutty thing! Currently in the UK deciding on whether to purchase a bike here or there...

That being said, I'm also after a good bike shop in Sydney that stock some 'endurance' worthy bikes.
Look seriously mate dont bother riding from Sydney to Perth. No one cares, you wont raise any money and you sure as hell wont get to the bottom of why you are feeling **** about your life at the moment. I'm right. Dont even question me.

Dont waste your time. There are so many places you can invest your time and effort for greater reward (to yourself and to those who might need you).

Riding from Sydney to Perth will get you nowhere. Its a massively **** idea.
If you need to ride a bike for a couple o' thousand miles then ride from where you're currently at, to Dover, jump on a ferry and then ride across France towards either the Alps or Pyrenees and continue onto either Switzerland and Italy or Spain. Stay in smaller villages and make an effort to speak the local lingo, the locals dig that just as much as many of them like folks on bikes.
Not overly sure why you think it's ****? and I'm not having a bad time of it, I just like deserted areas and big challenges...

...also, there's no work in Europe, we're completely bust and I have nothing else to do, so who knows, I may 'pick' something up in Australia which seems to have escaped this dilema (I'm an Aussie passport holder)....

...any thoughts? wanna come? I like suicidal missions!
As the title suggests, I am doing that cycle ride despite the above comments and as a novice in the cycle stakes I'm after advice on the best time of year to go (in Aus.) and maybe a list of equipment 'can't do withouts!'. I've done bush walks and been bitten by Huhntsman Spiders so I'm OK with uncomfortability.

P.S. I aquired Brain Damage from a Kite Surfing accident, lost a lung, got phnemonia, fractured my neck, spent 3 months in a coma and survived. So ''rasberry sound's'' to the misery guts above who said don't bother... ...and I'm not trying to raise anything, just trying to prove a point to anyone afflicted by something as dramatic...

Also, I didn't fancy cycling Europe cause there's to many roads, traffic, rules etc. South Australia looks like it's maybe more straight forward in terms of a road ! - a long one, but one all the same...
There are many well stocked, good quality bike shops in Sydney. I guess like most places you will pay double than online.

The next month or two is best before the heat of summer arrives.

Travelling west, Sydney to Perth you will mainly get head winds. Most people travel east for this reason.

You will get all great tips & info on the this touring site.

Good luck.
Are you still planning the ride? or allready did it?
If you still arranging, let me know, i did this journey the 2011 summer (winter in SA), so i can give you lot of information.
hehe wow thats a long way to cycle, how many spare parts or spare bikes do you need to complete this? And where would you carry them.

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