Cycling Glasses


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Sep 23, 2010
Has anyone had experience with getting perscription lenses put into cycling sun glasses glasses? My optometrist says its impossible to install far-sighted lenses in any of thier frames. I can't believe this. I don't want to use contacts.
I have not but I know that any eyeglass place can put your prescription in any Oakley frame. I also ride with a guy that has special lenses inside his glasses but I don't recall who makes them. So yes you do have options.
I had prescription inserts made for Bolle cycling glasses about 5 years ago, but was never satisfied with the vision. Even after taking them back for adjustment (heating and bending of the insert), the vision just wasn't great. Believe this was due to the bend in the inserts, necessary for them to fit into the wrap-around glasses. I have astigmatism, which makes the exact alignment of lenses critical.

Anyway, the solution for me is to use my old trusty Ray-Ban aviator wire frames with new polarized plastic tinted lenses. They seem to offer plenty of wind/bug protection as well as much better vision than I get looking through two lenses with the Bolles.
A lot of times, optometrists say it’s impossible because their lab isn’t equipped to make
prescription cycling sunglasses.

You need to go to company that specializes in sport-specific
eyewear. has been the best for me.

You can get some really cool prescription Oakleys, Rudy
Projects...practically whatever you want, with single vision, progressive, or bifocal lenses.