Cycling in australia is dangerous! kangaroo punch!

We (me, my Chinese son, and one Japanese boy) rode across Australia, some 5K KM, via the Great South Road, Perth to Adelaide, then on the Sidney. This in 2011.
I liked Australia because of the great open spaces, and few people (highway traffic) in Western Australia. The only danger are the road trains, trucks some 40KM in length. I remember seeing kangaroos, but they were afraid of us. Then there was an experience with a dingo, who one night freaked us out, with its mournfull cries.
The camping was great, as you could anywhere and plenty of wood for a fire. I think it was nearing winter, and cool to cold at night.
The people friendly.
The friendiest, best of all, the Dignams of Adelaide, who took us in with not questions asked. We camped for weeks in their backyard. We´re still friends, in fact, years later.
Australians call their country, the LAND OF OZ.
Read MUTANT MESSAGE -- DOWN UNDER, by Marlo Morgan.
The Magic Dragon (for fotos.)
Just like you said, it is one of those reasons we should always put on the helmet when we are riding in some places. The sitasitua might have been noticed in Australia, but that does not mean that it is the only country with such dangers as well.

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