Cycling in Crimea, Ukraine in May

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    Mar 15, 2008
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    Hello, would anyone like to join 7-days cycling trip around Crimea in May, 2008 with Dnepropetrovsk cycling society ("Dneproveloklub"). I have traveled with them 2 times around Crimea peninsula in 2005. Trips are guided by experienced and reliable instructor, Dmitry Pevtsov. It is not a packed tour, it is rather a team trip with outdoors camping at tents and cooking food on fire. There is some peculiarity because these trips should meet national (Ukrainian) requirements of sport cycling trips - all the details are explained on their website: Cycling-rally of the Ukraine, Crimea, Carpathians, Central Asia

    Last year report of the same route is here: Crimea 1-st COD May 2008