Cycling in Europe


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Mar 8, 2003

I’m planning on doing a bicycle trip that takes in central Europe. I’ll be leaving from London and plan to go to Prague and back. I was thinking of taking in the Alps on the way there and then coming back through Germany, Holland etc.

I’m thinking of doing part of the journey by train so as to miss out the boring bits like Northern France. However, I’ve heard that it’s only possible to put the bike on certain trains and not others. Does anyone know anything about this?

Any recommendations of routes, scenic places to check out, campsites, hot springs, would be appreciated.

I wouldn't leave out northern France totally.

Places as the velodrome the Roubaix, bois de wallers arenberg and carrefour de l'arbre are worth a visit. When coming in from england by both you can also come in to a belgian porth or when coming in trough calais(only a couple of km's of the belgian border) you can visit the scenery of the 4 days of duikerke or Tour the Flanders of Gent wevelgem Later passing on to the roads of la Fleche Walonne and L-B-L an dmaybe sneak in some Gold Race in Holland.

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