Cycling in Philadelphia (PA)

Discussion in 'Commuting and Road Safety' started by HellonWheels, Aug 9, 2003.

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    Aug 1, 2003
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    We recently moved from Philadelphia to the NJ suburbs. I absolutely hate it here, moving here was my husbands idea. Argh!

    Anyway, due to a leg injury I had not ridden my bike all week. I took the bus back into Philadelphia for the day, and was so happy to see so MANY people riding bikes in center city Phila! I had not been to CC Philly in years even before our move, and I only recently returned to cycling myself. Years ago in the early 1980s when I used my bike to go to work in CC Philly, almost no one rode bikes for transport. Now, it seems like everyone does. I saw old ladies on bikes, housewives, kids, stockbrokers, everyone. And mostly all buildings had bike racks outside...I even saw some signs the city put up with a cyclist and a car on it, saying, "Share the road with a cyclist".

    Now I REALLY want to move back home but I can't! :(