Cycling in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders)

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    If you are planning a cycling tour in Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium) or the Netherlands, there's an original way to find a place to stay.

    3500 private addresses offer bed and breakfast during your cycling tour. It's only 17 euro for 1 person for 1 night, breakfast included. Most of the people who offer accomodation are cycling themselves, so you have always something to talk about, or just to get some local advice. A very original way to discover Belgium and Holland. You can be sure that the bicycle is safely stored and that your breakfast will give you enough power for a new cycling day.

    One condition only : being a member of the Dutch non-profit organisation 'Vrienden op de Fiets.'
    Membership is only 9 euro (Europe) and 15 euro outside.

    If you have any particular questions : send me an e-mail message.

    Ghent - Belgium