Cycling Log Program


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Jan 31, 2002
I'm trying to write a log program aimed at general endurance type excercise. I need some input from you guys. I've seen CrossTrak, some ideas are nice, some aren't. Do you guys have any ideas/pointers to what you would like to see in such a program (except links to HRM's).

You think like I do. I am using my own spreadsheet, Crosstrak and Polar Precision. It takes a lot of time to update all of them. I would like to see the following. Time, ave speed, max speed, total odo, heart rates and the option to put in your HR doing intervals, a place where you can log what happened during the training or the event you took part in. All the features of crostrak where you log what type of equipment, terrain etc must be there. All this must be reflected on a graph. I work a lot on my ave speed. I would like to keep contact with you as you write and test this program. I am sure I left some things out, will put my mind to it and keep you posted.

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if I had it my way, the proggie would feature the following:
  • A customizable calendar view (similar to M$ Outlook, where you can choose between a day, week, month etc. type of view)
  • A 'View Graph' button or tab that will dispaly each session in a custom graph (pie, column, bar, line or area type graphs)
  • A 'Predict my Time' function. You add the variables such as distance and average speed, and the proggie calculates your predicted time for that distance. It must have a split calculator too. Once the race or session is complete, one must be able to return to the split calculations and add comments next to the splits, such as 'This is were I bonked'.
  • Cummalative graphs i.e. total distance, total time, average speed etc. The graphs should be customizable to display the results per day, per week, per fortnight, per month etc. etc.

So ewep, those are some of my specs. Now lets see the proggie! Good luck! ;D ;)
I'd like to see a combination scheduler and log. Something you can input a training schedule and then be able to update with log entries, do comparisons between scheduled and completed etc.