Cycling on pavements?

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    Hello, i'm Matt! And i'm new to this forum :p

    I have a pretty interesting question...
    I would like to start cycling to work (Roughly about 5/6 miles) the first 2/3 of the treck is okay as it's on a large estate for cyclists and walkers. Althoguh the last bit of the treck is on busy roads. I do not wish to cycle on the main roads as there is many roundabouts and traffic lights, I am not familier with any of these as of yet. So in which case I would like to cycle on the pavements, but I have read on some places on the internet that cycling on foot paths is illegal and you can be fined £30 on the spot if you are caught?

    Any one can confirm/tell me different?
    I don't want to get killed on the roads, then again I don't want to get fined!

    Many thanks


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    This will depend greatly on your location. From the currency and 'roundabouts' references, I'm assuming you're in the UK, which ranks about a 'good medium' in bike-friendliness.
    Riding on sidewalks - I'm guessing that's what you mean by 'pavements' - probably illegal and fines likely.
    Avoid the really busy roads as much as you can, but if you have no other choice, stay as far to the right as you safely can, behave as predictably as possible, ride straight and with confidence, you should technically have the same rights as a car. This doesn't help you at the morgue, but is still good to know.
    Use lights, reflectors and all those other bells, whistles, doodads and whatsits to make yourself visible and slowly learn not to freak out when some asshole pulls his front bumpre level with your rear wheel and suddenly LEANS on the horn, then rockets past you at 85 mph.
    In a 25.
    All part of the fun.