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Feb 8, 2003
I thought I would share some photos of a MTB Race that I took a little while ago.........I tried posting them onto a photo forum that I frequent for critique.....but that was like trying to clear a minefield with your eyes closed.....Kind of a lost most arent riders.....

Critiques good and bad are welcome....



I was in the woods on a sunny but overcast day, and fighting with the settings on a new camera the whole time....These are a few of the ones Im happier with...


Bruce bka FatRoadie
Critiques good and bad are welcome....

Bruce bka FatRoadie

Well done! The thing that comes to mind is to try to frame them from other angles besides standing next to the trail. Try lower angles to show their faces better. and maybe use a flash to fill the shadows and bring out the colors more.

I have a camera bag full of Nikon F3/MD4 and 5 lenses I want to sell. Do you know of any photographers who might have an interest?

take off the "d" and of course the obvious to send e mail
Thanks for the reply and critique.

I will certainly ask around here for you...

Bike race pics - hard stuff. I wonder how many images Graham Watson takes before he gets some he's happy with.

Not bad though. My recommendations are fast film (800 if you can get it). Good lenses make the fast film work better - not as grainy.

Flash is not a bad idea, but the fastest flash speed on my EOS300V is like 1/90th. 800 speed film is working at like 1/500th @5.6f.

Getting down low is a good idea too. I've got a 24-135mm lens that I use heaps. It took a while to get used to framing a 24mm shot properly. You just about have to be run over to get it in.

Most chronic day I had taking photos was in the pouring rain at Nantes. Soaking wet trying to keep the camera as dry as possible.

He's an example... Not so great. Cropped & the resolution's hopeless.

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