Cycling route finding mobile application : Looking for feedback


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Jun 25, 2014

Me and two friends: Sean, an awesome developer and Graham, a data cruncher extraordinaire, are looking to develop an app for the cycling community. This app would find the best route for cyclists from point A to point B based on changing and unchanging factors. For example, changing factors might include weather, construction and fatalities and accidents along the routes. Unchanging factors might include the number and slope of hills, bicycle lane conditions, the distance of the route and the number of stop signs along the route.

Before we embark on this journey, we would like to make sure that this is something that is needed, ie that this would add value to the lives of cyclists. We are also trying to get as much feedback as possible so that we can design this app with cyclists in mind.

We would greatly appreciate feedback for any or all of the following three questions:
1) Is this a product you would use/value?
2) What factors are most important to you when cycling in the rain/snow/good weather/cold weather/hot weather?
3) Is there any information that you would like to know before cycling a new (or familiar) route? Eg road conditions, weather, construction, smog...

Other feedback and ideas are appreciated and will be considered when designing and building this app. If you are interested in staying updated with the progress of this app or getting involved please leave your email address or send me a message.

Cheers and thanks,