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Jun 4, 2016
Hi everyone,

I am currently conducting some private research on cycling safety and how cyclists conduct themselves on the highway. This has no commercial basis and I have no commercial interests in cycling or cycling products. I trust that people using this webstie will treat this in good faith and respond to this research by completing a short Cycling Safety Survey from the attached link. It will only take a few minutes and your input is very much appreciated. I will be happy to post the results of this survey on this forum in due course.

Many thanks
Hi, just to let you know that I have filled in your survey, thanks for sharing. I was wondering whether the repetition was intentional? You asked one question in two different ways at least five times on page 3.
Thank you for your support. Yes the questions are intentional and are similar but not identical. The main theme you may have noticed is that this is on riders perceptions.
I'm hesitant to follow links from a new member post. I may check it out though. I'm curious as to why you chose to conduct a survey in this manner.
I'm hesitant to follow links from a new member post. I may check it out though. I'm curious as to why you chose to conduct a survey in this manner.
I understand your hesitation. However if you look the survey is hosted by Google Forms so you have the comfort in knowing that the site will be safe. Why would I choose to conduct this survey? The answer is simple - I ride to work and back everyday while working in Singapore. Each day for one hour of riding I think about what goes through the mind of other road users and I would like to see if I can make sense of the information the survey brings back. There is no other reason. It is probably not the most scientific survey, it may not even tell us anything useful but its interesting to find out - that is all.
Hey! I completed the survey. It was an easy one, and OK to do.

But before you make one, you should re-read the question once more or have someone to proof-read them to you. It did have a lot of repetitive topics and also a few similar question. Hope, I helped.
Just as an update I have around 110 responses so far. This is still quite short of the number I need to conduct some meaningful analysis. Any assistance anyone can give to help boost these numbers would be great.
I'm not sure this is the best method of getting it out to people, unless you cross-posted. I hope you have more than just this forum as a source of potential people to poll.
Yes, I have checked it. It's hundred percent safe according to me. It is a wonderful survey.
Many thanks for completing it. The site is completely safe as you will see it is hosted by Google Forms. I guess you would have to trust Google to host a safe site at least. Yes I will post any results once I get sufficient responses.
Anyone awaiting results from this will be disappointed, he's decided to keep them to himself.
He didn't like the questions being asked elsewhere, about the survey, decided we were having a go at him
"OK - it is obvious from the tone of these comments that it is waste of time for me to bother responding to any more posts. I intend now to take the survey off line and delete the results. The continued attacks by certain members of this forum have made it impossible to obtain sufficient impartial survey responses particularly given the number of responses that have likely come from people who have been reading this thread. There also appears to be a certain amount of sabotage responses. I apologise for all those members who took the effort to complete the survey and were genuinely interested in finding out what trends or information could have been seen from the results. However I am not prepared to spend hours of statistical evaluation of the results to post any findings in such a hostile environment. To be honest the actions of a few members on this forum have been quite inappropriate and rude. I also note a couple of posts that were removed which obviously meant that the moderator must have considered them not to be in the best interests of this forum."
russellsg, Yesterday at 10:54

There is a piece, he's not mentioned here, that being that he works for a bank. Mentioned in one place only.
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