cycling shoe sizes


Oct 6, 2003
Topher_X said:
So, would a size 8 be a size 41 in cycling shoes?


Be careful with the sizing thing. Maufacturer's vary in their sizing. An 8 US..anywhere from a 39 - 41 Euro.
It is better to try a specific brand on in a shop, even if you don't buy it there.
At least you have a good idea if it fits or not.
I would not advise ordering a shoe unless you are familiar with the brand,style and sizing characteristics.

Aussie Steve

New Member
Nov 8, 2005
I have a very broad foot and I tried on about 5 pairs of Sidi shoes, but they were far too narrow for me. I know they now have some in wider fittings, but...
I ended up with a pair of Vittoria shoes that cost a bit, but fit perfectly.
My advice, FWIW.. if this is your first pair, don't go for a tight fitting in the expectation that it will stretch... some people do this with running shoes because if you get it fitting correctly when new, after all the flexing it gets loose.
With bike shoes, get them right from the start and they will serve you well.
Don't think about the price. The comfort and power transfer will last long long after you have paid off the credit card.