Cycling Shorts With Hip/thigh Padding


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Nov 24, 2015
Brighton, UK
Hello everyone

I wondered if anybody knows where I might be able to find cycling shorts that have hip/thigh padding as well as crotch padding. A bit like shapewear that is used to create the illusion of bigger hips.
As I tend to hold weight on my hips and stomach and have smaller hips + legs I don't feel so comfortable wearing really tight jerseys so normally I often wear shape wear to give me some hips (much like this) and balance out my bottom half. But I can't do that with cycling. I was wondering if any body has seen a product like this on the market. Or is this a product any of you would consider ever buying?

Looking forward to seeing your responses + happy cycling :))
Most of the padded bike shorts I've seen have been shaped like this with the padding mostly concentrated in the crotch area rather than the hips and thighs. These ones look a little more built up along the legs though.

Personally I've never worn padded shorts because I've got a female specific saddle that's pretty comfortable and I don't typically ride long distances, but I know a couple of the girls I ride with like them :)
My priority with the shorts is the comfort so the standard padding in the crotch area is sufficient. If you want paddings in the hips area for aesthetic purposes, I would suggest you take an old blouse with the shoulder padding. You can use that shoulder padding for your desired padding in the hip and thigh area. If you cannot do it yourself, the dressmaker can do it for you. Or perhaps, why not have your shorts remodeled to suit your needs as regards the padding? I'm sure dressmakers can easily do that.
I am looking for comfortable XC crash shorts that will protect my hips and outer thigh. If anyone has any experience with a particular brand, I would appreciate any knowledge you could pass on.... Thanks.
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Yup, I have tried such padded cycling shorts. I don't know if these brands are available in the US but I bought them off a local online shop:
  • Lanbaosi
  • Amur
  • Yika Sahoo
Anyway, with regards to the quality and function, all these brands deliver. But the best brand would be Lanbaosi for me since it offers a seamless design as well as a moisture absorption function. It has a breathable fabric and is very comfortable even when you're cycling. As per your request, it also has a hip, crotch and thigh padding.

I hope this helps!