Cycling team up for auction

$100,000 plus operating expenses for at least one year which if this a pro team that could be almost 4 MILLION dollars which is the lowest budget for a pro team that raced the TDF, and then hopefully you can win enough money back for operating expenses the following year; and most pro teams struggle to even get sponsorship as strange as that may sound, but that's because potential sponsors know its not a wise investment, this is a cash starved sport; if that team is not a pro team then the situation is even worse, even though the yearly expenses are lower you'll be lucky to find one sponsorship not along several that you need; sounds like a money pit to me. If I was going to gamble my money I think I would just play the stock market. Of course if you're a billionaire and want to play with some extra money you have laying around and don't care about the loss of money but care more about the sport than go for it.

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