Cycling Team up for auction



6 fast-riding women up for auction
By Scoop  

The members of the cycling team have taken the unusual step of auctioning their sponsorship off on Ebay after their original contract was pulled. The squad is riding as Bianchi USA (their kit and clothing sponsors) at the moment but they are looking for a title sponsor to put $100,000 in the hat.
Not only do you get 6 athletic Canadian women riding about with your name on, you even get some spare women, plus a mechanic and manager to look after them. The team say they have been together for 6 years and promise exposure for the sponsor "at all major US National Racing Calendar events, in addition to major Canadian and international events."

Seeing as the lot has attracted not even a cent so far, you might be able to pick up a sleeve or even a nicely toned leg (steady boys) for a small consideration. Just think, you could be the first rider in your area with your very own sponsored riding harem!

To put in your bid go to Ebay

If only I had $100,000  :(

thats US dollars admin so its 200,000 aus ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :-/

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