Cycling the Dempster Highway


New Member
Oct 7, 2002
Hi, im planning to cycle the Dempster highway (nwt canada) next summer and I was wondering if anyone has tips, info or are interested in cycling it too. (ive got quite alot of info on the route and the conditions but not much on travelling to Dawson city (start) from the uk, or on any specific equipment like tyres i might need for riding a 400 mile gravel road etc. thanks, Luke

I am doing the Dempster in late June AND early July 2003.

Are you still doing the trip in Summer 2003?

If yes..I may see you.

Ron Hall
Ventura Ca
I'm planning on doing the dempster Late Aug-Early Sept 2003. Has anyone been on the road this year that might have some tips?

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