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Aug 21, 2011
I am new to cycling and I was wondering if there are some tips to improve my time and speed. I am kind of learning my gears but any help would be appreciated. I can go about 18 miles in about 1.5 hours. I would like to set a pace at about 20 mph and work up to 30 miles, maybe more. I can probably do about 12/13 mph. I have a mountain bike for the moment, I bought it years ago its still in great condition since I havent used it much. Also any opinions on the indoor trainers for bikes where you bring your bike inside(not sure of the exact name) but not the bikes they have at gyms.

Ideally I would like to bike to work and thats 13 miles (by car) and would like to do that in 30/35 minutes and its against the wind. I would like to work up my miles so I can do some charity races next summer and push myself.

Any help would be greatly apprecitated.


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Aug 24, 2011

I read this and felt compelled to reply.

You are ambitious which is good, however it does take time to build up that level of speed. Consider the possibility of upgrading to a road bike and getting some cleats - this will REALLY help your speed (and confidence). I too cycle to work, and it is the same distance as what you're planning. This really is the best way to build your fitness fast, even if you just aim to do it 2-3 times a week at first.

Once you have your confidence, really focus on your technique. Think about where you put pressure down on the pedals, think of it like a clock. It should it be from midday downwards, rather than what most people do which is from 3 o'clock. Also, and this is easier if you have cleats, draw your leg back in the motion similar to scraping something off your shoe. This keeps the power consistent.

And the final tip is to get a heart rate monitor, this is the only true way of monitoring your improvement in fitness. It will also let you know when you can push more when your head is telling you that you can't!

Hope this helps and good luck!


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