Cycling Toronto to Atlanta GA solo


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Dec 4, 2010
In summer 2011, I have decided to take a shot of riding 1100km in 10 days time. I have a route planned out and am still planning this epic journey at least epic for me. Summer 2010, I rode from Kitchener to Montreal in 6 days averaging 120-150km per day and had the best time ever!. I learned so much of what and what not to do on this trip that I'm confident of tackling this trip to GA. I'm 53yrs old and have raced for 7 years and think I'm in the best shape of my life and have no second thoughts of physically handling this.
My question is to anyone who has tackled a trip like this solo. Do I need to worry about security type issues? I always remotely think of how isolated I will be at times likely well out of cell range and just don't know what to expect when miles from nowhere. I feel vulnerable on a bike like this and never ever carry any large sums of cash, usually just a plastic card for the adventure. I love the US. I travel all the time there on my motorcycle to VA and the Blueridge mountains, but this cycling trip will take me well off the beaten path in many areas so to speak. My trip in 2010 was in and fairly close to many populated areas. I carry pepper spray for out of control dogs and have used it in the past and that's it. I'm looking for someone who has done a trip like this solo within the eastern half of the country and to gain some wisdom and knowledge. I'm really anticipating of nothing more than a fantastic time in 2011 on this run, but would appreciate experiences from seasoned veterans. Thanks so much!


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Jan 11, 2009
try google earth,
according to them distance is 1552 kms,
highest elevation would be near the Rocky Mountains at 667 meters,

i do my fairly share of solo touring and i do think you need a certain amount of information of your intended route to be on the safe side - if that's possible at all -

P.S. remember you cannot use certain Highways which might be for motor vehicles only