Cycling video thread


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Jan 15, 2011
Here it is almost always no lower than 40 degrees and I still have to wear at at least two layers of thermals. It takes more courage than I have to play tag with a snowball.


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Apr 24, 2019
I got this fat bike from Bikemanforu when he was closing his shop. He sold it off at half price and I couldn't pass it up. It's not a very expensive rig but I really bought it to have as a spare trail bike to use for friends when friends wanted to try out the trails. I let them ride the 29 plus bike because it has the suspension fork and a wider gear selection. But when everything gets icy I have it set up with studded tires so it gets some play time. Will do a video on it soon.
I just bought a camera. As soon as I figure out how to operate it I'll post something.
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