CYCLINGNEWS.COM and Tyler Hamilton



Why hasn't CYCLINGNEWS.COM said a thing about Tyler Hamilton? Is this a
snub job? Is this a blow job? Do you think they haven't heard about it?
Do they think that Frankie is a doper? Do they think that guys with leg
tatoos are huffing paint? Does Frankie's ***** hurt? Or, should I ask, do
their pussies hurt? Where the hell is Jeff Jones when we need him? What
will Tyler's job be at Rockin' Repubic? Will he be in charge of blood bags?
Or, will he be running their ethics department? Will he get another IMAX
deal? Has Raven left him? What about his dogs? What would Britney do?
Will Rockin' Repubic be goin' after Jan Ulrich next? Will they go after
Beloki? Will Rockin' Repubic be racing in the 2008 Tour of America? Will
Magilla put down his Fleshlight and get more gay now that Tyler has