Jan 3, 2005
Specialized has unveiled the new S-Works Amira that new world champion Amalie Dideriksen (Boels-Dolmans) will ride in 2017. The bike is an understated glittered white design, which will really come through in sunny conditions, with rainbow and gold accents.

Dideriksen got her hands on the bike earlier this month at a team training camp but will not get to race it until the beginning of February at the Ladies Tour of Qatar. “I look forward to my first race in the rainbow jersey and on my new bike,” said Dideriksen. “I think it’s special to have my first race of the season in the same country where I won the stripes. It’s an early start to the season, though, because the race starts at the end of January.

“We have just finished our first training camp towards next season, and it actually felt a bit strange that I was the one riding in the world champ jersey and not Lizzie because I have gotten so used to seeing her wearing it the last season. I will try to enjoy riding in it as much as possible.

“I didn’t know how it would look, so I was excited to see it. I think it’s really cool to have a ‘one of a kind’ bike. I like that my name is painted directly on it, and that the world champion stripes are painted around the S-works logo on the frame. I love the glitter effects and the golden ‘S’ on the head tube.”

The Amira is Specialized’s flagship women’s model and one that Dideriksen has been riding since she was a junior. The company’s Women’s lead designer Lauren Parenti explained the design choices for the world champion’s bike in more detail.

“Specialized wanted to make two statements with Amalie’s bike,” Parenti said. “From a distance, it is cool and collected in all white, but up close it is wild and awesome. We’ve added holographic shards, reflecting thousands of rainbows, as a tribute to Amalie’s world championship win.

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