Cycling's Greatest Misadventures tells it like you would

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    Cycling's Greatest Misadventures tells it like you would

    I usually ride alone, not because I don't like people, but because one of the pleasures of cycling is the freedom it provides you to just walk out the door and start riding. Unfortunately, this brazen individualism leaves me feeling kind of lonely. I come home dusty and bloody from a ride and my wife doesn't even ask me what happened. This is where Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures ( comes in. The book is filled with all the stories you wished you could tell or have told to you.

    For instance:

    - Austin King describes the stages of suffering that one experiences during a road race in Belgium (like going momentarily deaf).

    - Aaron Teasdale gets lost in the Bolivian Jungle, riding an ancient Inca trail at night.

    - Bob Mina destroys a spin cycle class.

    And then there some insane pictures, including a sequence of a Chinese rider who gets run over by his team car, an amazingly does not get hurt.

    Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures invites readers directly into the stories of cyclists who share in the camaraderie and passion of riding a bicycle. The stories are well-written and tend to be lean, quick reads. This book is the real deal.