Cyclist hour


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May 26, 2015
There was a news item yesterday that caught my eye - Cyclist hour - that would ban all vehicles on the main road (selected avenues and boulevards) to give way to bicycles and motorcycles from 8am to 9am every Saturday and Sunday. The intention is actually a dry run that if successful, it can be implemented on weekdays as an encouragement to 2-wheel riders that could maybe solve the bad traffic condition of the main roads in Metro Manila.
I think it is a fantastic idea. This will increase the number of 2-wheel riders and many new children will be able to learn to ride a bike as there will be no vehicles on the road. I would expect the government in my country to implement the same idea in my country.
I agree this may be one of the ways to minimize traffic in the metro and also encourage people to go out and be active. Some countries had done it I do not see any reason why this would fail.
I love this idea! Not only does it reduce pollution for the riders without cars nearby, but it also reduces accidents.
I don't know. Is a restriction for the personal freedom to ride as people like whichever hour they like. From an organization and cycling encouragement is fantastic. But is somewhat retrogade.

At least is 1 hour. So that would not bother much the gas hungry riders.
We've had those implemented where I live a while back. It was done selectively on high-traffic low-speed roads with tourist value, or generally a road that no one takes if they want to get somewhere on time anyway. It was nice for people who liked to hang in the local coffee shops and take a walk or cycle but it didn't last for long.

Eventually it was abolished because drivers couldn't memorise the hours and roads and would try to drive there anyway.
However to counter that, the mayor had some roads closed instead, at first temporarily to test the traffic effects of that move, and in the end they were permanently paved.