Cyclist killed in King's Lynn - hit & run

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Dirtylitterboxo, Dec 12, 2003.

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  1. Simon Brooke

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    "Richard Goodman" <[email protected]> writes:

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    > > I'm not greatly in favour of big punishments. They are, in any case, expensive to the public
    > > purse. But I don't see why we treat a driving license as something people have a right to have.
    > > When you hit twelve points, your license should be taken away, automatically, without appeal,
    > > and permanently - you will never legally drive again.
    > >
    > > Not as a punishment but because you have demonstrated that you are not competent to drive.
    > I don't know why I am bothering to rise to the bait, but that idea is complete bollox. The SP for
    > any minor infraction with no harmful outcome and no aggravating factors is three points, four of
    > those over three years and you can reach 12 without ever having been even close to having a single
    > accident. It is no doubt worthy of a ban for a period, but to say that a short string of petty
    > convictions with no accident history whatsoever, possibly in many years of driving, means you
    > can't ever be allowed to drive again is just nonsense, frankly.

    They get wiped off after three years, so you'd have to be going some to tot up twelve points through
    'minor infractions' and, indeed, if you kept having 'minor infractions' at that rate it would be
    good evidence that you weren't competent to hold a licence. You don't get points for parking
    offences, you only get them for things which are actively dangerous to other road users.

    As I've documented on this group before, I am and have been in the past by no means the worlds best
    or most innocent driver, and I've never had more than three points on my licence at any one time.

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    On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:21:12 +0000, "Just zis Guy, you know?"
    <outlook.b[email protected]> wrote:

    >>The cyclist was in collision with a metallic burgundy vehicle which failed to stop in Wootton
    >>Road, King's Lynn.
    >See? Thiose bloody cyclists, always in collision with road-owners :-(

    On a quick trundle to the local shops this afternoon a car driver tried the very same manoeuvre at
    the very same roundabout where I had my hit and run episode in May. The move was almost a text-book
    perfect overtake and immediately turn left. Fortunately, my "Don't even think of trying that" glare
    was working to its full effect.

    Honk!!! James

    "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" is not a satisfactory excuse.
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