Cyclist Rowdy Behaviour

Discussion in 'Commuting and Road Safety' started by options148, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Jul 29, 2011
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    don't know whether this is the right place for my post but would like to share my incident today.

    today at about 6:30pm, I was travelling in my vehicle together with my wife. I was traveling slowly as there were already 2 cars in front of me. Then out of nowwhere, from my right hand side, a cyclist (Ang Mo look a like) stopped in front of me, got off his bicycle and let his bicycle drop in front of my vehicle, and approached me on the driver's side, I then wound down my vehicle's windows to see on why he was approaching me. Upon approaching me, he started claiming that I almost knocked him down with my vehicle. He also started hurling vulgarities (both in English and Hokkien) at me. He also mentioned that because of drivers like me, his friend was killed in a road accident about a month ago. I apologised to him and told him that I did not do anything wrong (I really didn't see any bicycle near my vehicle). But he mentioned that my apology was not sincere enough. He then opened my driver's side of the door, took a few steps back and challenged me out of my vehicle to settle the matter. But I remained in my vehicle and did not listen to what he had asked me to do. By then a traffic jam had occurred behind my vehicle. A passerby then approached his bicycle and cleared the path blocking the road in order for traffic to be not congested. I then closed my driver's side of the door and moved off. I then made my way to NPP to lodge a report. I am lodging this report as I feel threatened by his rowdy behaviour towards me in this incident.

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    That's an unfortunate incident. It's too bad you had to experience it. Apparently the cyclist was a bit sensitive about losing a friend, but I agree that that doesn't excuse his behavior.

    That you felt compelled to join this cycling forum to air your complaint with your initial post is interesting.

    Nevertheless, do understand that for every story of bad behavior you can relate regarding a poor behaving cyclist I, or most any other cyclist on this forum, can relate 20 stories of inexcusable behavior by vehicle drivers. It goes without saying that a$$holes can in all shapes, sizes, colors, and travel via various modes of transportation...
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    Sounds to me like the bicyclist is claiming the driver almost hit him - not at the site of the confrontation, but some other place a little bit earlier?

    If that is so, then we don't know if the driver deserved the abuse or not. There's so many incidents of drivers endangering cyclists without even seeing them. Maybe this driver did indeed endanger the cyclist earlier without knowing it? There's also plenty of incidents of cyclists just being too damn sensitive to the normal give and take of riding in traffic and get upset over every imagined "dangerous" move by a motorist, which are just normal driving.

    More details please?