Cyclist struck, killed


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Jul 10, 2005

A CYCLIST has died after being struck by a car in Melbourne's north-west today.

The accident occurred in Pascoe Vale Road, Essendon, outside the Strathmore railway station, about 6.30am (AEST). A Metropolitan Ambulance Service spokesman said paramedics were unable to save the victim.

"The man, aged 30, was in full cardiac arrest when they came across the incident," he said.

"Sadly, they were unable to save him."
Sadly as this happened near where I live and work it affects me,

I will think about it every time I ride pat the site, having to drive past this morning with the bike still on the road while Vic Pol were doing site measurements, also the victim is an off duty police officer. My wife also drove past it and now wants to ban me from riding on the road. Just as I was convincing her last night to train for Round the Bay next year with some of her clients she personal trains.

The collision, i won't call it an accident, was in a place I try avoid riding as there is little space for bikes and vehicles and speed is always a factor.

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