Cyclists: Predators or Prey?



[email protected] wrote:
> Hello:
> This particular unsettling double feature in today's local section
> of the San Diego Union-Tribune has me deeply troubled. For obvious
> reasons.
> Truck hits cyclist; driver looks, leaves/ Carjacker drops bike, takes
> car

Why do these stories make you "deeply troubled", because a bike is
involved in both? I'm sure the guy that was left injured on the
pavement would have been screaming in just as much pain if he'd just
climbed out of his SUV when he was struck by the hit and run driver and
the woman that was carjacked couldn't care less that her carjacker rode
up on a bike. I think sometimes we in RBM forget that to most people a
bike is simply an object. Even though our love of cycling unites us
here, riding bikes doesn't separate us from the rest of society.
Connections to cycling aside, both victims deserve our sympathy as
human beings- no more and no less.

Bob Hunt