Cyclists Vs Motor Bike.. Push Bike SMASHED, rider in Hospital

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    Some here know about a mate of mine that was hit by a speeding motor bike last Sunday on the old Pac Hwy just Nth of 'Pie in the Sky'.. WELL, I had the shits big time and stirred things up a bit....
    On Thursday the incident was brought up in Parliament.



    9 DECEMBER 2004$File/Q&A%2088%209%20December%202004.pdf

    (Paper No. 88)

    1944 POLICE—CYCLIST SAFETY ON THE OLD PACIFIC HIGHWAY—Mr Breen to ask the Minister for Justice,

    and Minister Assisting the Premier on Citizenship representing the Minister for Police—

    (1) On Sunday 5 December 2004 was a push biker badly injured after being hit from behind by a

    motorcyclist on the 3.9km section of the Old Pacific Highway between Brooklyn Road and the café, ‘Pie

    in the Sky’ at Cowan?

    (2) (a) Is the 20km section of the old highway north to Mt White attracting large numbers of recreational

    motor cyclists and push bike riders?

    ( Is this section of the highway becoming less safe for bicycle riders due to speeding violations by

    some motorcyclists and car clubs?

    (3) (a) Has there been an active police presence in the area monitoring speeding on the Old Pacific

    Highway over the past three months?

    ( If not, why not?

    (4) Why isn’t the Police Department is controlling excessive speeding on the Old Pacific Highway between

    Berowra and Mt White on weekends when motor cyclists and, to a lesser extent, car clubs, regularly

    break the speed limits?

    (5) (a) Will the Minister consider installing permanent radar surveillance in the danger zone between the

    ‘Pie in the Sky’ café at Cowan and Mt White including fixed speed cameras?

    ( If not, why not?

    (6) (a) Will the Minister convene a meeting between the larger car clubs, motor cycle groups and bicycle

    groups to address the issues of speeding, greater clearance when passing cyclists and anticipation

    that cyclists will be using the Old Pacific Highway?

    ( If not, why not?